Play 2.Qe2! against French Defense

Nikhil Dixit
7 ratings

Do you struggle to play against French Defense?

Do you want a short and crisp repertoire against French Defense?

French Defense is 3rd most popular opening choice against 1.e4!

2.Qe2 is I feel most underrated choice from the white side. White gets a good position in almost every variation.

What you will get after purchase?

  • Theory file

  • Model Games file

After successful purchase, you will get pgn file. You can open this file through chessbase, chessbase reader(Free software), or import files on

Who should purchase this repertoire?

  • Suitable for any player between FIDE rating range 0-1800

  • Those who want additional options to play against French Defense

How to use these files?

1- First, study all files properly.

2- Add your own variations.

3- Start applying in online games.

4- Analyze that games and understand your mistakes.

5- Repeat the procedure

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can send an email to

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You'll get complete repertoire against French Defense. All files are in PGN format.


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Play 2.Qe2! against French Defense

7 ratings
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